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Williamson Rock 9/12/1998

Photo by Bruce Binder
Erik on a 5.11
Photo by Bruce Binder
a heel hook.
This day trip was my first time to Williamson Rock since my previous trip. I'm glad to report that there were no cases of pink eye, no coffee baths, no car accidents, and no forest fires on this trip.

Bruce, Steve, LeAnne, Erik, Shelby, and Bill drove to Williamson Rock in Angeles National Forest and took the steep route down. After looking around for a good climb, Erik decided to warm up on a 5.11, and then Steve climbed the 5.10c right next to it.

We did have a few mishaps at this point, Steve disloged some loose rock which fortunately missed the people on the ground. It came closest to LeAnne, but she was spared. Also, after Erik came down from his climb, I pulled the rope through and hit Steve on his climb and gave LeAnne a pretty good welt (which I think has healed by now). Note that LeAnne couldn't move without killing her brother. Steve, you owe LeAnne your life. I felt really bad about pulling the rope down. I should have waited until Steve was off the rock and LeAnne was no longer under the rope.
Photo by Bruce Binder
Bill on
Being There
Photo by Bruce Binder
LeAnne on
Being There

Erik and I then top-roped the 5.10c. I fell off several times, but I finally completed the climb. After lunch, we moved to the Being There climb (5.7).

This was my second time on Being There, and my first time leading it. My lead was nothing like Erik's 5.11 climb or Steve's 5.10c, but the Being There climb is such a fun climb. I top-belayed Steve up, then rapped down. Then Steve rapped down. Next, Erik climbed with Steve on belay, and then Erik top-belayed LeAnne.

While we were climbing Being There, two climbers near the Mushroom Boulder got into a shouting and shoving match. I thought this was very unusual. Almost every climber I've met has been very nice and laid back, so I was surprised to hear people yelling and threatening each other. Oh well.

After hiking out, we drove to Temecula Pizza for some of the best salad and pizza on the way back to San Diego.

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Note: All photos by Bruce Binder
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