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02/28/1999 Lattins Visit

My sister Susan, her husband Doug, and their kids Kevin and Rachel took a short vacation in San Diego. I took them rock climbing, on a harbor cruise, and to the beach.

This first group of pictures is from the 1-hour harbor cruise we took on Sunday. We sailed on the Newport Hornblower of Hornblower Cruises. Click on any small image to see a larger version.

Here are Doug, Rachel, Susan, and Kevin just before boarding the Newport Hornblower.
This is a photo of Doug and Kevin at the bow of the boat. If they'd just turn around, they'd be "King of the World!"
Look at Kevin, Rachel, and Susan enjoying the cruise. Kevin looks like he could use some sun glasses.
Here's a shot of Susan and Doug against the San Diego skyline.
And here's a shot of the whole family against the San Diego skyline.

Later that afternoon, we went to the beach at the end of Hornblend Street. It was near sunset, and I got some really good silhouette photos. After the beach Kevin and I played a little tag, and then we walked to Pizzeria Uno and ate dinner.
Kevin against the waves and the sunset
Susan, Kevin, Doug, and Rachel at the beach
Doug and Rachel
Rachel playing in the sand

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