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KML Path Distance

Google Earth allows a user to create and save a path, but the path tool is missing a crucial feature: it doesn't compute the length of the path.

The program also has a measuring tool that can compute the length of a path, but this path cannot be saved.

Go figure.

Enter KML Path Distance. This program reads a KML file, finds all the paths in the file, and displays the length of each path.

Download (17KB)


How to use.
  • In Google Earth
    • Save your path to a KML file
      • Right-click on a path or folder.
      • Select Save Place As.
      • Change Save as type to Kml (*.kml).
      • Click Save.
  • In KML Path Distance
    • Load the KML file into KML Path Distance.
    • KML Path Distance displays the paths in the KML files.

This program requires .NET Framework.
Copyright © 2009 Bill Peckham, all rights reserved.